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Change all lighting to leds

Henry Hall Henry Hall  •  2024-05-20  •  No comments  •  East district  • 

Change all lighting to leds
Change all lighting to leds

Investment project code: 14

Continue to change the lighting of the city, not only the low streetlights that have been changed recently, but also the higher streetlights, all the lighting of tunnels and roads and the lighting of public buildings, thus promoting greater savings that impact on energy expenditure (this money can be used for other initiatives) and simultaneously promoting a reduction in pollution that such energy savings entails. Part of the money can also be used to carry out a campaign to encourage the same change in private homes, providing incentives such as discounts on the purchase of such lighting systems.

At the same time, we could think of models of street lamps with solar panels in the same style as parking meters or some traffic signs, so that the savings would be greater or the energy generated could be sold to the electricity grid.

It is necessary to think about saving expenses as well as it has been carried out, in this way greater budgetary items can be destined for things that are worthwhile to the citizens.

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