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Public playroom

Judy Garrett Judy Garrett  •  2024-02-21  •  No comments  •  West district  • 

Investment project code: 10

A public playroom is needed for children and babies in the District so that they can play days of rain, cold, or very hot. Currently, the only options are private, scarce and expensive. In addition, there are almost no public (or private) spaces appropriate for babies in their first year of life to develop their motor skills.

It is proposed to create a comfortable, warm, inclusive and accessible space, where we can spend time with our children and share with other families. A public space could be set up to become a playroom with a wide access timetable. In its interior and exterior zones, children will be able to socialize, play and participate in activities, babies will be able to move freely in a safe place; and their mothers and fathers will have zones to exchange experiences, form themselves, organize workshops, weave networks and propose cultural activities for girls and boys.

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