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Prevent supermarkets from wasting food

Jason Kennedy Jason Kennedy  •  2023-05-24  •  3 comments

Proposal code: DEMO-2023-05-5

Supermarkets over 400 meters should donate perishable food to food banks, animal feed organizations or the manufacture of agricultural fertilizers.

The last UN meeting proposed a law to considerably reduce supermarkets' waste of food. The law prevents supermarkets over 400 meters from throwing away perishable food, which will have to be donated to organizations in charge of things like food banks, animal feed or for the manufacture of agricultural fertilizers, thus considerably reducing the waste of food and carbon dioxide emissions. We must avoid wasting food that can be perfectly fit for human consumption, or that can be recycled in some way. Every day 21,000 tons of food are wasted in the country, 1,000 of which are caused by the commercial distribution sector.

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