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Public sources, benches and shadows.

admin admin  •  2024-06-20  •  1 comment  • 

The streets and squares of the city have become hard: only cement, without fountains, benches or shadows. It is supposed to facilitate maintenance, but in reality the only important impact is the increase in consumption in large establishments by seeking refuge in them and the use of public spaces with terraces, promotional events, etc...

How could we solve this question? Do you think it benefits the city?

For example, it occurs to me that it would be good to create a network of drinking water fountains and install more benches and shadows in all the streets and squares. This would stimulate sport, pedestrianism and social exchange.

What do you think?

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  • Johnny Ortiz

    The good thing about cement squares is that they make it possible to create punctual installations, for example for cultural or leisure purposes. I think it would be appropriate to prioritize this type of facilities rather than just the terraces of bars or establishments.

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