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#YouAsk: Julio Airroa, city council expert on environmental pollution

admin admin  •  2024-03-18  •  5 comments  • 

Glad to answer your questions about city pollution.

I introduce myself first. I have a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University. Professor of Environmental Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University. Deputy Director of Academic Planning at the School of Industrial Engineers. National representative in the Geneva Convention working group on modelling and integral assessment of air quality. Co-author of 28 books and 40 articles in international journals. Participant in more than forty national and international congresses or workshops, in 33 competitive projects and more than 30 projects with private organizations.

You can leave your questions about the environment, pollution or air quality.

On Wednesday at 18:00 h. I will come in to answer them.

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