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Sustainable social economy project

Crystal Herrera Crystal Herrera  •  2024-06-21  •  No comments  •  North district  • 

Investment project code: 8

It is proposed the creation of a market where neighbors can exchange objects (barter), would not be a selling market, nor with the existence of donations, nor would there be any profit, only exchange of objects without the presence of money. And in order to do so, it is requested that part of the public space in the Children's Park be adapted with the urban furniture necessary to make this market where barter can be carried out between the neighbours.

The necessary urban furniture would be tables, benches and a closed space to store materials that will be used in the barter market.

This proposal is created due to the lack of public spaces destined to the neighborhood meeting, to improve the social economy of the neighborhoods and to continue with the work that the collectives and the neighbors of the district of Chamartín had been doing in the barter market that was carried out in the park of Gloria Fuertes.

The estimated value of investment in this proposal would be around € 5000.

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